Raxtus Pop Rock

Mr. Brightside – The Killers

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I played this song again just now to see if I could find anything wrong with it. I mean, what kind of critic would I be if I only said good things about something? An accurate one, that's what.

This is a classic song that brings me back to the days of high school. The song has fantastic flow and some great patterns. A few of the flowing, two hand patterns switching directions in ways that wasn't initially intuitive, but it added to the challenge of the difficulty and I still think worked. Overall a fantastic map if you're a fan of one of the Killers biggest hits!

Mapper: Raxtus

I was having trouble finding fun yet challenging beatmaps so I decided to make my own. The goal was to make it feel chaotic and difficult without sacrificing any of the flow that makes this game so fun in the first place. This should keep the map feeling fresh and force you to think on your feet even after multiple playthroughs. I know this is a highly requested song so I made 4 difficulties ranging from easy to expert+ so as not to leave anyone out, have fun!

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