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MDK – Hellfire

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Mapper: Logietron

“It all began when that damn castle appeared. Hellfire rained down from the sky and the machines turned against us. His eyes–I’ll never forget those eyes…”

– The final words of Baron Van Wubbington, the latest victim of the cursed castle in the clouds.


In the year 3130, technology runs rampant. Artificial intelligence, originally created to aid mankind, has gone haywire; destroying nearly all traces of life on planet Earth.

A haunted castle has appeared in the sky, dimly lit by the pale glow of a crescent moon. Reeking of evil and chaos, there’s no doubt that this fortress is the source of the curse. But who could be responsible for such a nightmare?

ROBO DRACULA – the master of the castle. A demonic soul, injected into a horrific, metal body. Infinitely more powerful than his flesh & blood form – as if a regular vampire wasn’t quite bad enough.

Enter our hero. You.

Equipped with the latest in anti-robo-vampire technology (and a totally bitchin’, pink track suit), the world is depending on you to kick down those castle doors, fight your way to the throne room, and WHIP SOME ROBO-ASS!

Only by destroying Robo Dracula can you break the curse and free cyberspace from his clutches. But beware: you won’t be accompanied by the usual ghouls and ghosts on this adventure. Cybernetically enhanced spiders, mechanical manticores, and weaponized werewolves are only a few of the dastardly foes you’ll encounter as you progress through this haunted castle.


Honorable Mentions:
XypherOrion’s Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/xypherorion – Helped test out the map and gave feedback.
BentaiSenpai’s Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bentaisenpai – For letting me torture him with the horrible, early stages of the map.

CrackShotSniper’s Expert+ Video:

Gilkaroo’s Expert Video:

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  1. Michael Villeneuve says:

    This song is absolutely epic. Played the expert version of this song… which I can’t seem to find anymore?..

    Anyways all difficulties of this song are absolutely stunning, amazingly charted. Super fun!!

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