MonstDeath – Blood

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Moriik

WARNING – INTENSE LIGHTING IS PRESENT (There is also an in game warning added the each difficulty)

If you’ve played some other rhythm games like NeonFM, NOISZ, Dynamix, StepManiaX, you might have heard this guy’s music before.

Introducing MonstDeath and his track Blood. Known for some really difficulty boss songs and overall craziness, I decided to introduce his amazing music to the beat saber community to show him some love because he makes some awesome tracks. If you like this song I suggest taking a look over at his Bandcamp:

Length: ~ 3:48
BPM: 180
Difficulties: Hard, Expert, Expert+ (nothing below the hard. I apologize as it was quite a bit difficulty to have motivation to set up those for such a fast and complex song)

Preview of the Ex+ can be found here:

(I hadn’t really warmed up so this is the best I could do during a nofail practice session)

Thank you @Qwasyx on discord and a few other friends who I lent the file to as a work in progress preview.

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