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Bomb Rush Blush – Splatoon OST

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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Fun song by our friend Purphoros. It's quite short, which is nice in the sea of 5+ min songs! The patterns are alright and pretty quick, get your wrists ready :D

Mapper: Purphoros

Normal, Hard, Expert
(Normal matches the dance in the music video)

Thank you to everyone that supports me!
Special thanks to Dowon and the rest of my patreons, and all of my friends!

If you appreciate my hard work, and would ever like to support me you can so here.

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Comments (2)
  1. Brandon says:

    I just noticed that the title says splatoon 1 but the thumbnail suggest splatoon 2.

    You really should fix that inconsistency so people don’t leave lengthy comments like that one guy.

  2. Aethan says:

    Yo chief, don’t want to be that guy but the thumbnail of this is super misleading. The thumbnail suggests that this is the final boss version of the song from Splatoon 2 but in actuality this song is the NON boss fight version from the first Splatoon. Normally I wouldn’t mind but there’s a severe lack of splatoon songs and seeing that thumbnail I thought I would be able to at least play the phase 1 theme for the final boss of splatoon 2’s normal single player campaign but was disappointed to hear just the normal original version of the song.

    Now I know it probably wasn’t your intention to clickbait people with this thumbnail but I would appreciate it if you were a bit more cautious in the future.


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