MDK – Critical Hit

Difficulties Expert+
17 24

Mapper: Logietron


Hypnotizing, mechanical eyes, bright as a thousand suns. Long, twisted, tentacles and claws powerful enough to cleave an entire starship in two. A true killer of the cosmos; an Astral Badass. Created many moons ago by notorious mad scientist and ski-resort owner, Dr. Wilhelm T. Wubbenstein, this foul beast spends its days crawling through the depths of space, terrorizing galaxies far and wide.

As its eyes lock onto the approaching Firebird, the rust-covered-crustacean begins to slither towards its newfound prey. The two beasts circle each other, each waiting for the other to make the first strike.

Gears whir and circuits violently buzz as the monster quickly extends its tentacles, attacking from every direction. The first two strikes narrowly miss, but the claw of the third tentacle clips the Phoenix’s wing, knocking it off course. Unable to recover in time, the Phoenix lets out a shrill cry as another of the beast’s claws slams into the side of its head. Blindness quickly ensues, accompanied by a sickening thud of metal hitting flesh and bone.

Despite being unable to see, the Phoenix can sense an immense amount of energy building in the direction of the deep space demon. A purple aura begins to appear around its body, as its tentacles start to quiver and shake. It knows that it has injured its prey, and it is very anxious to confirm the kill.

Emitting an exasperated cry, the Phoenix valiantly charges forward. In a blinding flash of flames and molten metal, it crashes into its blue shelled nemesis, quickly transforming it from a mechanical monster into a pathetic pile of spare parts.

Crippled by the force of the impact, as well as the injuries to its eyes and wings, the Phoenix changes course and begins to head towards the nearest planet, in search of aid. What creatures would live on a planet like this, with mysterious rings floating high in the sky, and the red soil that stains the entirety of its surface? One can only hope that they are friends and not foes.

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