Kill This Love – BLACKPINK

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
7047 191
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Mapper: aggrogahu

Thanks to n3tman, snaccy, Helen Carnate, PandaCat, and SimplyMarvelous for their help.

After a thousand years, BLACKPINK has finally come out with new songs. Hopefully this map will absolve me from what I did with my last BLACKPINK map (though I still snuck in some choreography to this map when it fit).

Expert+ preview:

(footage is of pre-release version)

Preview video uses custom blackpink light sabers, which you can find in the kpop beat saber discord here
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Comments (2)
  1. noon-tide says:

    This is probably my favorite map at the moment. I was having difficulty figuring out the ratings for each category so this is a comment rather than a review, but I just wanted to leave some kind of comment.

    I got here via the also-awesome map for How You Like That, but I think this one tops that even though I prefer How You Like That as a song. This is just pure fun to play, and feels like it’s really immersing you in the music.

    I have one minor complaint, which is that there’s one part in the E+ map that seems to always make me cross my hands uncomfortably no matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to do it differently next time (I’ll probably get it figured out eventually) but aside from that I feel like it flows really intuitively and carries the mood of the song so well.

  2. spicytuna says:

    I love this song. Thanks for putting all the modes for everyone to enjoy and and not just crazy Expert for a small group of people!

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