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Get ready to (drum) roll.

This review is for the Exp+ version.

So, I've never heard of Pop Team Epic and I'll probably never watch it. Nevertheless, people like to map their favorite shows' OST, so bring it on!

I hope you're ready to sweat because this map is long, hard and will make you wet... And no, there is no such thing as too many innuendos. The mapping is quite impressive, matching a mix of vocal and beat track very well. There's (almost) never a dull moment, apart from that weird bit in the middle with the mines and the talking and the... wtf? really? I mean, it's nice to get a break for a few seconds because the song is very intense but damn, that's a weird break.

Anyway, back to the mapping. I hope you like drumming (the flowing up/down one, not single direction), because there's a ton of it. This is actually quite a good map to train on them (don't forget to turn no fail off). There's a great mix of one handed drum (warm up your wrists) and flowing two handed one. The drum roll pattern is actually quite fun and feels so satisfying when you nail a long stretch without a miss.

But the drumming is only one part of it. Everything else in between is super fun and is going super well with the music.

The song is really long (about 6 minutes). Maybe a bit too long. But I can't wait to play more maps by Todokete!

Mapper: Todokete

Normal, Hard, Expert, Expert+
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*There is some distortion in this broadcast, however it is part of the presentation.*

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