Furry Cannon – Camellia

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Please do not ignore the mapper's warning. It's not even funny. The only negative thing I have to say about this map is the amount of walls and that's not even the map's fault. It lags up my system SO HARD but man is it GOOD!

I love the way the map plays out, I love the way the walls are constructed. It was such an experience for me when I played it that I had to record it. Thank you to the viewer who requested for this on stream. It was painful seeing my frame rates drop, but I couldn't really care less at that point. That's how good it was.

Block patterns are solid and its difficulty is appropriately rated at Expert+. If you want to play this please take care of yourselves as there are quite a few crossovers. Don't hurt your bum like my friend did (posture is important when playing guys, seriously).

If you simply want to enjoy watching the map, turn on no fail an bask in all its glory. My absolute favourite is at 4.39.


Mapper: Scrappy

Warning – Map may cause lag with the amount of walls it has.

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