BTS (feat. Halsey) – Boy With Luv

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Bringing more K-pop into Beat Saber is SimplyMarvellous with another chart: Boy With Luv. Fans of BTS, rejoice! You can play this dancey bop of a map in style in Beat Saber! Personally, I think it's a low intensity, chill map to play with if you want a fun time (no stress) in Beat Saber and I particularly love that gimmick at the end to match the lyrics!

It was fun enough that I attempted a full combo of it at home after playing the map at an arcade for the first time. Solid map suitable for those with a few hours under their belt!

Mapper: SimplyMarvellous

I wouldn’t say this was rushed but that I spent a lot of time on it in a couple of days, either way I really like the song and I think the map is pretty fun too.
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