Royals (Yinyues Remix) – Lorde

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Stan's dad strikes again.

This is apparently a remix of Royals by Lorde. I don't really listen to Lorde so I don't know what it originally sounds like, but this version is pretty great. Typically the type of song that works great with Beat Saber.

Awfulnaut has done a great job with the mapping, mostly based on the vocals apart from the end where it switches to the synth track. Be prepared because the last 30 seconds are completely different than the rest of the song and it can be surprising.

The main pattern is pretty fun and flows really well. The chorus' pattern is using a clever mix of arm crosses that makes you feel part of a choreography. Some parts of the patterns can throw you off due to some unexpected variations, but that's a small price to pay to keep the track interesting.

Good job Awfulnaut, this one made me try (and love) all your other maps.

Mapper: Awfulnaut

Expert / Hard / Normal | No top walls and best practice compliant!

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