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Nickelback – Rockstar

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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We all may want to be big rock stars, but this song is evidence that we all can't. The map feels like maybe it was auto-generated as it's void of any real inspiration (some would say the same thing about Nickelback, but that's another story. I actually think their songs are usually catchy).

Prepare to move your wrist up and down at a pretty constant rhythm and all around you. I wouldn't even try playing it on Normal Hard or maybe even Expert. Expert+ seems to fit the song the best, but it's still rather boring. Unless you're a huge fan of the song, I'd wait until a better version was mapped.

Mapper: georgemacfio

Nickelback – Rockstar

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  1. SoTotallyToby says:

    “There was an error unpacking this song. The song’s files may be corrupt or use formatting other than UTF-8.”

    Any idea how to fix this? (Trying to download via BeatDrop 2)

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