pizzaslice3 Electronic Hip Hop & Rap J-Pop Pop

Flamingo- Kero Kero Bonito

Difficulties Expert
30 100

Black, white, green or blue - Show off your natural hue

Flamingo's beatmap matches the song incredibly well - it's super snappy and just makes you want to DANCE!

Any Kero Kero Bonito track will for sure give you this feeling, with Sarah's bubbly childlike vocals and vivid lyrics blending Japanese and English. The level design is generally quite good, however some parts have conflicting patterns - main parts are easy to read, other parts are near impossible to read without memory. When a pattern is established, it would be best to stick to it as close as possible; variation is GREAT, but it is not very fun when the pattern completely switches it up to the point a regular player will instantly fail if they've not practiced many times.

Mapper: pizzaslice3

Expert only mode so far.
Would appreciate feedback!

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