Knowledge Dubstep

Ichor – Xtrullor

Difficulties Expert
73 2
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Mapper: Knowledge

I’ve got some beef with the guys who made the first map version of this song. I don’t know if either of you will see this, but TGARaid and LetsPlayAlliance, yall fuckin BUTCHERED this song the first time. Like that shit was the worst map I’ve ever played in my damn life. I don’t know how the hell you got 416.1600004 for a bpm but it sure as hell wasn’t the right one. Not only that (which made everything off beat) you even managed to SPELL THE ARTISTS NAME WRONG. How the FUCK did you manage to do that? Then you two had the fucking audacity to reupload your ungodly wreck of a map with a halved bpm (which also wasn’t the correct bpm). It’s evident that neither of you read anything about mapping, or even thought about how other levels looked before thinking it was a good idea to post whatever the hell your version was. Disgusting.

Now with that out of the way, I said “Fine, I’ll do it myself” so now here you go; a version of Ichor that’s actually playable.

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