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Plus Danshi (V2) – REOL

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: Joetastic

Version 2 of Plus Danshi by REOL. An update of an old map of mine.

Note: Map was based off the dance by ARSMAGNA (

) Hence not all beats are mapped. ALSO THE LYRICS ARE LEWD SO WATCH OUT.

Changes made:
– Changed cover photo!
– Ironed out some patterns (there are still double directionals but I’ve kept some in spirit of keeping the dance)
– Fixed vision blocks on the zigzag pattern on chorus
– Fixed offset!
– Fixed out of sync notes
– Increased note jump speed from 13 to 14 (didn’t set it too high due to the double directionals)

I plan to make a Version 3 with a higher NJS and where it doesn’t follow the dance but instead follows the beat of song.

EDIT: Ironed out the patterns even more and fixed a few mismaps

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