VirdsEyeBiew Pop Rock

Imagine Dragons – Shots (Broiler Remix)

Difficulties Expert
18 48

Review Expert:

The map is fun, but really needs another few levels of polish for it to be great.

Readability becomes nearly impossible at a couple spots where 3 quick back-to-back two handed patterns require you to switch really quickly without being able to see them properly. There’s also a few other spots where those face level notes make seeing what’s coming hard.

The patterns are pretty fun overall, but there’s a too heavy reliance on just two handed patterns. The score was also hurt by a few clusters of just fast up and down notes that should be tweaked.

Flow is hurt by a couple awkward movements switching hands and a few odd choices to switch hands and have to hit patterns awkwardly stretched with opposite hands.

Level design is decent, but there’s a few spots that could use work like a long wall that you duck down in for a while for no apparent reason. Also, there’s an odd silent (no patterns) for a couple spots that really feel like something should be there.

Overall, if you’re expert level and a fan of the song, you should still be able to clear this level fine even with readability issues included, but it would need more polish for me to recommend it to just anyone.

Mapper: VirdsEyeBiew


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Level Quality0
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