Star Wars – Battle of Endor Death Star Tunnel Run

Difficulties Hard
340 27
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Mapper: waffletato

Difficulty: Hard
Song Length: 3:35

I thought the wall obstacles in Beat Saber would be perfect for the Death Star tunnel run, and had to try it out. I mixed together the soundtrack plus bits from the movie, and added in some sound effects from X-Wing alliance (if anyone remembers that game!). The soundtrack has variable bpm in a few places, but I tried to get the notes to match as closely as possible. The objective was more of an experience map than a scoring map. Tribute to the A-wing pilot who gave his life for the cause. Many thanks to Red Magi for helping me play-test and providing great video feedback, and also Andrey1736 for play-testing.

Requires Mapping Extensions mod to play (mainly for the walls, sorry…)
The video.json file is also included for the Music Video Player (MVP) mod, to auto-download the video with some scenes from the movie that will play along with the map. Video in center position seems good. I find that the auto-download sometimes may/may not work; if it doesn’t, the video can be downloaded here and put into the song folder:

Hope you guys like it!

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  1. BOOF says:

    i cant find the mvp mod help

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