Hype feat. Such (V2)

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Mapper: RinkuSenpai

Hello again, welcome to the next Rinku map! I hope you have fun!
I know I said that This Will Be The Day from RWBY would be my next map in my previous map but I had the motivation to map this song.

Before I continue, I would like to bring your guys’ attention to one of my good friends AaltopahWi. (he maps for Beat Saber, you can find his songs here: https://beatsaver.com/browse/byuser/19043 )
Anyway, Aalto is one of my really good friends and I dont know what I would do without him. He has helped me a ton through many hard times in my recent life, even if he doesn’t realise it. After I lost all my WIP maps a while back, Aalto was pretty much the sole reason I got back into mapping, and along with this he has been one of the best friends I have ever met and I hope we continue to be friends for a very long time.

I dedicate this map to my mentor and very good friend Aaltopahwi, I hope you all have at least as much fun playing this map as I have had making it!

Edit: I had to reupload because there was a double up halfway through the map, I dont know how that happened because I used the error checker, anyway it’s fixed now!

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