[REMASTERED] Carpe Diem Part 3 – FireFarm/AJ MYST

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
13 3

Mapper: Noxen

What was only gonna be a test to see if i could remap it better turned into a project to overhaul the entire thing.
After such a long time, i finally release a chart, this is a complete overhaul of my original chart to Carpe Diem Pt.3, jacked up for poggers hype playing.
Expert+ (++) (around 7star), 23 NJS, 1356 notes.
Expert (more difficult than OG Expert), 15 NJS, 909 notes.
Hard (actually ez), 12 NJS, 631 notes.
song: 4:10, 175bpm
I think that’s everything, enjoy this banger!

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