– D I S S I N – Y O U R – F L Y – G I R L – *extended* (Dankmus Pack)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
77 1
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Mapper: StraightOuttaSea

Alright here’s the 411 folks, say some gangsta is dissin’ your fly girl. What do you do?
You just give ’em one of these.

This beatsaber pack contains 5 of the most popular Simpsons remixes produced by Dankmus.


– D I N N E R – A L O N E – Long Version

– S N R U B – *embiggened*

– N O T L E N N Y –

– B L U R S T – O F – T I M E S –

– D I S S I N – Y O U R – F L Y – G I R L – *extended*

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