Depeche Mode – John the Revelator

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
442 5
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Mapper: helencarnate

Ready for a fun, dancey beat to help you work those arms and shoulders? This map was designed to have good flow for full arm swings – none of that “wiggle your wrist” stuff here! Are you a solid hard player? Stretch your wings (and arms) and try an expert level players have labeled “readable” and “comfortable” to grow your skill set. 5/5 playtesters called this map “fun” so give it a spin! It’s crouch-free and knee-safe.

Expert difficulty playthrough:

Hard difficulty playthrough:

Normal difficulty playthrough:

Many thanks to my playtesters: Redmagi (x4!), Alzaraf (x2), AmstradHero, Fruhead, and Vanya and the rest of the BSMG Discord crew for feedback. HC01

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