Izzake Dubstep Electronic

Grabbitz – Here With You Now [Monstercat Release]

Difficulties Expert+
60 10
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Mapper: Izzake

Watch preview here:

Needed to reupload… again… I messed with the njs, and spawn offset. Everything should be as intended now!

I feelt the need to do some changes to this map. Changed some notes, deleted some bombs and alot of wall. It’s better now then before. Sorry for the loss of scoreboard. But I think this needed to be done. Will playtest more and work on my maps to avoid this in the future.

This is my third map. I don’t think my maps before this one is bad at all. But I really like how this one turned out. IF you like it pls let me know!
Thx to Redmagi, WillR0 and RavenMac for playtesting!

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