(V2) Minazuki Airi with Atsushi – Daisuki, Evolution

Difficulties Expert+
52 21

Mapper: Hexagonial

Must meet the following upload rules
Must be a ZIP file with the songs subfolder in the root (EG: SongName/info.json)
Must be under 15MB
Must contain valid metadata (UTF-8 encoded) and album art
Make sure you have permission to use any content involved in your beatmap. This includes songs, videos, hit sounds, graphics, and any other content that isn’t your own creation.
Do not plagiarise or attempt to steal the work of others. Do not also upload or use other people’s work without their explicit permission (including, but not limited to, skins and guest difficulties).
Useful tips for avoiding problems
Avoid using UNICODE charters in folder or file names. BeatSaber has no support for them.
Remove unnecessary content from the zip file (like autosaves folder from the 3D editor).
Check out these fantastic tutorials by BennyDaBeast on how to make a great beat map.

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