Dance Pop

Here With Me (feat. CHVRCHES) – Marshmello

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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A relaxing, supremely satisfying flow to a great song.

I literally got emotional during my first playthrough of this masterpiece of music and dance. There is something downright magical about hearing a song for the first time while playing a map that fits the song perfectly. Playing the map reinforced my conviction that VR Rhythm Games will be the preferred medium for experiencing music in the future.

I had the pleasure of test playing this map (Expert) pre-release. Normally I'll have a number of comments and points of feedback after a testplay. Not for this map. Each note placement and direction just feels right. Novashaft starts a lot of patterns with up and side slashes, which forces the arms to move in interesting and satisfying ways. Walls were placed very deliberately to keep the player swaying in between and during patterns. Also some nice groove walls to help emphasize certain hits. No visibility issues whatsoever. I also liked that Novashaft alternated the tracking between the lyrics and other musical elements very seamlessly. The map seems to breathe. Novashaft's choreography on this one was top notch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Mapper: NovaShaft

Expert Playthrough :

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