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How 2 Do the Drop (ft. Gavin)

Switch is a banger song with a fun gimmick in the mapping that'll put a smile on your face.

There's plenty of songs that have been mapped that fit the atmosphere of Beat Saber; namely EDM, dupstep, and electronic music.  Switch is a great EDM track with a refreshing sound to get you pumped as well as a fun map to go along with it.  The mapping is overall fair and flowing, but the patterns just kind of wander aimlessly with no purpose during the verses and refrains of the song.  In these sections, nothing is particularly offensive with the patterns but it should be noted that it could have been mapped better.  There's also some minor resets but they're often enough to interrupt flow and for that I must remove a point from "Flow".  There's also a couple of walls that force you to dash very suddenly; if you don't you will break combo.  It's kind of aggravating, and coupled with the fact that there's also a note semi-hidden behind a wall, I must deduct a point from "Level Design".  Don't let these critiques sway your opinion of the map, we have yet to talk about the greatest asset of this map:  the drop.  As the vocalist says "SWITCH", all the notes shuffle in front of you in a visually-engaging way and the flow to this pattern is so fun.  It's so fun, so fitting, it brings a smile to my face in a way that few maps can.  As you swing throughout the drop of the song, you can't help but get lost in the game...and that is this map's greatest asset.

Final Rating:  4.7 / 5

Do a v2 of this map!  Please!

Mapper: Gavin

BPM: 160
NJS: 12, 14, 16
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