(K)NoW_NAME – Morning Glory (Sakura Quest OP 1 Full)

Difficulties Expert
34 4
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Mapper: Angrynickle

Sorry for the reupload I need to take down my maps for them to be ranked ;-; (its really sad for me too D:)

Sorry for the 3rd upload of the song (seriously sorry), but I did edit the map a little (only like 2 changes) which hopefully will make the map flow a bit better. Also the lighting as I was told won’t be getting done (as in they decided not to do it) so I guess it was kind of pointless. I am making another map for another great OP that for some reason doesn’t exist on Beat Saber so hopefully I get that done soon. Leave comments since I am interested in map making most feedback is welcomed (please tell me how to make better maps since it is only my 3rd map). Thanks for playing my maps 😀

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