Hey, Soul Sister – Train

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: Joetastic

“Hey, Soul Sister” is a song by American rock band Train. It was written by lead singer Patrick Monahan, Amund Bjørklund, and Espen Lind. It was released as the lead single from the band’s fifth studio album, Save Me, San Francisco (2009).

Map has been in my scrap bin for over 2 months now but I decided to pick it back up and work on it again. I’ll be honest, I feel that my mapping style doesn’t fully fit this song, it being really slow and relaxing and my mapping being slightly faster and with more blocks to slice. I won’t be surprised if some people told me its over mapped. Anyways, due to the overwhelming respond I got while streaming the mapping of this song asking me to upload it anyways, I decided why not 🙂

As usual, song has been brought from iTunes for the highest quality sound file.

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Comments (2)
  1. artsypants20 says:

    Song is really well mapped! I can tell the song was really fast but having the song fast made it more fun? Anyways great map and keep up the great work! <3

  2. AaronCompNetSys says:

    I think this is mapped well and the frequency is fine, but the stage floor (jump speed) is waaay off, with some blocks flipping just inches from your sabers. Makes this readability a nightmare in places, memorization only.

    I can’t appreciate your map because some blocks can’t be seen at all. I’ll hold off on leaving a review to see if you can fix this very small quirk.

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