Gun n’ Bass – Boom Kitty

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On my first playthrough of ConnorJC's "Gun n' Bass" map I immediately fell in love.  With this map Connor has dipped his feet into high read-challenge technical experimental maps (yay Beat Saber jargon!), which is something I've been wanting more of for months, and he nailed it.

The song itself makes me think of "Die Hard", even though I don't think I've ever actually seen a Die Hard film.  It's a fast percussive beat meshed together with voice lines and weapon sounds, that really makes me picture a gritty protagonist battling his way through hordes of enemies probably to save his wife from kidnappers or something.  It doesn't matter.  The point is he's badass along the way.  And, if you can keep up, that's exactly how you will feel.

The map is visually intense and challenging to read, but it's entirely readable - but high level.  It's entirely sight-readable, I even did so while sick (video below).  This, to me, is a mark of an expert mapper.  Challenging technical patterns with zero visibility issues is one of the best feats a map can accomplish in my book, and I have nothing but praise for Connor over this map.

With one exception.  The only negative for this map I could find.  It only has one difficulty.  With that said, though, this map would be hard pressed to be as enjoyable at any difficulty other than what it currently is.  If you can survive it, play it, and you won't regret it.

Mapper: ConnorJC

I’m tired of looking at this map, so I’m just uploading it.

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