Electronic Trance

Saeed – Infected Mushroom

Difficulties Normal Expert Expert+
1585 49
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This is what the Cycle Hit collab should have been

Let's just get this out of the way, this is in the top 5 best Expert+ maps I have ever played.

This map is just a big middle finger to what passes as a "hard" map these days; it breaks all the rules.  Start every stream with the right hand?  Nope, this map doesn't follow that rule.  Simple streams?  Nope, this map has some super interesting streams.  Down-up patterns everywhere?  Nope, this map didn't forget that sideways notes exist.  This map uses so much fun techniques and it all flows so well that you'd forget it was a collab.  Bomb's mapping makes use of all the directions and lets you know immediately this is a proper Expert+ map.  Rexxz's simple streams and dancy flow in the middle are a great warmup to what Ruckus throws at you later on.  And yes, you know Heisenberg couldn't be involved if there wasn't an abundance of bombs in the map.  Everything just culminates perfectly.  Because of all this, I am going to give this map the highest score I can.

Overall Score:  5/5

Mapper: Rexxz

Collab between Bomb, Heisenberg, Rexxz and Ruckus
Bomb: 0 – 1:32
Heisenberg: 1:32 – 3:03
Rexxz: 3:03 – 5:22
Ruckus: 5:22 ->

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Pattern Quality0
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Comments (4)
  1. ColressFunky says:

    This map is absolutely incredible. One of my three favorite Infected Mushroom songs being given such a masterfully created map makes me so indescribably happy. Thank you so much for this masterpiece.

  2. gollyG says:

    This map has the best background light show of any map I’ve played. Who’s responsible and where can I get more light shows like this?

  3. Bomb says:

    hahahaha nice on Heis

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