Dance Dance Revolution [DDRMIX] – DDR ALL STARS

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A short but groovy dance flow to a DDR classic that you'll want to play more than once. 

It's maps like this one that make LittleAsi one of my favorite groove mappers. I playtested this map a few times before release, and the finished product really delivers for those who love to do more than just hit bloqs. 

The map features LittleAsi's signature style, which involves a lot of diagonally-oriented cubes arranged primarily on the bottom row. I would recommend an alternative grip (my favorite: X-grip on Vive) for maximum wrist-twisty fun. LittleAsi took care to build a flow/dance that fits perfectly with the music and lyrics. On Expert and Expert+, you'll be moving and grooving on command with well-placed walls, occasional bombs, and patterns that bounce you from one side of the play area to the other. All difficulty levels feature "groove walls," which I generally consider to be a more advanced move, but LittleAsi tuned Easy/Normal to be accessible for people in the headset for even the very first time. 

LittleAsi's unique style may take some getting used to, and there were a couple patterns that I missed the first few times. (Caveat: I'm not that good.) But you know what? The song is only 90 seconds long. Go ahead and hit restart a couple times and show your cat what a great dancer you are. You'll find new things you like about this map every time you play it.

Mapper: LittleAsi

Move your body to the song as groovy as it is eponymous – it’s so good, they didn’t even bother giving it it’s own name.

Stuck in the Expert gap? Check your CustomSongs folder for instructions to unlock the bonus difficulty between Expert and Expert+!

Thanks to these hip cats for play-testing and feedback: Redmagi, Trolav, Baxter395, Knowledge

Preview (Expert+):


The DDRMIX Dance Dance Revolution song pack is here! Download our playlist or search “DDRMIX” for the hottest soundtrack this side of the arcade:

Dance Dance Revolution
Move Your Feet
Burning Heat
Kind Lady
Cow Girl
The Least 100sec
Midnite Blaze
Rhythm and Police
Max 300

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