Future Cider – YUC’e

Difficulties Expert+
37 14

Mapper: TeknozFR

Hey! This is the first real chart I made (excluding those Bandit meme charts smileW). I decided to make it pretty hard and I’m quite happy with the result! Good mix of streams and jumps. Took quite a while to do the lighting so I recommend disabling statics lights for a better experience. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it 😛

Updated to be rankable (hopefully).

-Expert+ Only
-BPM : 180
-NJS : 18
-Duration : 4:04
-Notes : 1 741
-Notes/second : 7.13
-Bombs : 103
-Walls : 11
Lighting : Yes, done by me ^^

Special thanks to Yun0 for answering to all my questions to make it rankable and testplaying it and to Jez as well for giving me a few ideas and testplaying as well !

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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