Die Anywhere Else (Night in the Woods)

Difficulties Normal
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Mapper: DeclawedWildcat

Simple map for Alec Holowka’s Die Anywhere Else, from the game Night in the Woods. Directly transcribed from the appearance in-game, so only one difficulty is currently available.
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If you would like more difficult versions, or transcriptions of the other band minigame songs, feel free to let me know @ declawedwildcat on Tumblr.

2022 Update: This was the first map I ever made, mostly for the purpose of learning the editor, and as such had a couple errors I decided to fix. The track now has a static light to make the note spawns easier on the eyes, and has been relabeled as Normal rather than Easy because of the speed spike at the end – nothing about the actual mapping itself has changed outside of that. Enjoy!

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