Masara – Tegami (ft. Yutsuki x Hikaru Station)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: ProfHugo

Difficulty: Normal, Hard, Expert

My first Beat Saber beatmap.

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– DM me on
– Discord: ProfHugo#6478
– Steam:
– Comment on BeastSaber

Update 1.3.1:
– Removed out of bound blocks on all difficulties (woops)

Update 1.3:
– Added a few blocks on the short drumroll at around 2:26 to make it less clunky

Update 1.2:
– Added Normal difficulty (an even more stripped down version of Hard)
– Fixed various sections of Hard to flow better
– Changed a small part after 2:09 in to mirror a very similar part in 2:01 in Expert
– Added 2 blocks near the end across the board
– Some other stuff I forgot

Update 1.1:
– Bumped current difficulty to expert.
– Fixed a few areas to make it flow smoother.
– Added a stripped down version as hard difficulty.

Credit Links (copypastad from Youtube MV):
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►Follow yutsuki (arranger):
– Soundcloud :
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– Bandcamp :

►Follow Hikaru Station (vocalist, lyrics):
– Soundcloud :
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