Overkill – RIOT

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
1670 80
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Mapper: Heisenbergirl

UPDATE: 2019.03.05, Skyler Wallace has created an Expert+ version! Reduced the filesize on hard/expert/expert+ so it should be less laggy for most people.

Hard/expert has small change done to bombs 🙂

Amazing lightshow is done by AaltopahWi (Light God)

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Comments (7)
  1. q23main says:

    (Expert difficulty) OMG the bombs… Now this is something unique.
    Also the up-down part after the bombs is so intense it crashed my game and steamVR on my poor little WMR 😆 (it might had something to do with the fact that I’ve been smashing blocks for 1.5h).
    Great map!

    1. SkylerWallace says:

      Me and Heisenberg updated the map. The update should have fixed your issue, just make sure to redownload the map. There’s also a new difficulty added.

      1. q23main says:

        😀 I genuinely thought I was solely my WMR. Thanks for the info!

        1. SkylerWallace says:

          Aaltopahwi did the lighting for the map, but me and Heisenberg had found out there was an unnecessary amount of ring spins in the map at the part you described. We reduced a lot of the lighting clutter and now the map should perform much better on every platform. There will be one last reincarnation of this map; stay tuned, May 3rd.

  2. ManchiId says:

    Also… lightshow is AMAZING. adds so much to this map.

  3. Treelow says:

    So, the download link here is only for the expert and hard difficulties. Really looking forward to the expert plus but i’m not sure where to download it.

    1. elliotttate says:

      I just checked and the Expert+ version is included. Maybe try deleting the version you have first?

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