Slider (with Expert)

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Mapper: trevorsmithy

Thanks to the following people: tobesmash, QTpop, StaplerLive, Ashleyriott, KuritsaDBS, HeyFalcon, Aur3llia, totallymysterious, d00k, XypherOrion, Calvin_isacat, and TheScrappyCrappy
HUGE Shoutout to Black Blazon, he was my main go-to for this map. Thanks a ton, man!

Update 3.3 – March 4, 2019
Expert Update is here! Finally done. Thanks ESPECIALLY to Black Blazon for some help on nailing down the flow.
Keep in mind, there might still be updates! If things are found to be wrong (I did my best to find everything, but timing issues may have slipped by), please tell me and I will fix it!
[email protected]

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