Wolfgang Lohr ft. Maskarade – Hit the Road Jack (Electro Swing)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
5364 122
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Mapper: Stumi

I realise this is the third time that this song has been made over the last month, so sorry for that. But If your not a fan of my version then please check out the other maps linked below.
This song happened because someone requested I do an electroswing map. This was not the one they asked for, but his request inspired me to do one of the same genre anyway. I’m happy with the way that expert turned out, but the other difficulties are perhaps a bit rushed on this one. I’ve left easy out again as the play rates are so low. But If this is a problem for anyone, please give me a message and I’ll see about adding one in. Other than that, happy dancing!

Video Preview:

Time spent mapping: 7:58

Alternative versions:
From SilverScythePC:
From Salvay:

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