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Bastille: Lethargy

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Not at all lethargic.

Lethargy by GreatYazer is one of the more fun maps I've played, suited almost perfectly to my preferred playstyle of large sweeping motions.

This is a simple beatmap leaving me without much to really say about it.  But that's not a bad thing.  As far as I'm concerned, we need more simple maps out there.  Lethargy's Expert+ map manages to stay simple, while varying enough to stay fun throughout the entire map, and still present a challenge, though it is one of the easier Expert+ maps.  The fact that it's not excessively complicated allows me to jam out and dance while I play it, while the variance forces me to stay on my toes, and interesting balance most mappers fail to accomplish.

Hunting down some negatives for this map proved to be a challenge, which - as anyone who knows me knows - is also quite the accomplishment.  The biggest gripe I can find is the upper angled blocks during the chorus give me some shoulder pangs, and I'm not a fan of the narrow barrier gaps though they are significantly more tasteful than usual.  Additionally, there are few lighting changes.  However, these are minor issues, and are not worth each one hitting the song's score.

Mapper: GreatYazer

Normal, Hard, Expert, and ExpertPlus
ExpertPlus isn’t much different from Expert with the exception of some longer reaches and crossovers

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