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There’s a very fun story behind the making of this map, but before I get to that, here’s a YouTube link!


(IMPORTANT NOTE: A link to each individual difficulty is in the video’s YouTube description, which is a zoomed out third person [with first person in the upper right] standalone version featuring my avatar and all that. In case you wanna see a more clear picture of a specific difficulty!)

Now then, on to the story about the nightmare it was making this map.

I had started working on it as an Expert Only song back in early November that I thought would be fun to upload right on December 31st, as the tagline of the song is “When December ends.”

The first roadblock came with my town burning down. Yes, the entire town of Paradise California, where I live, burned to the ground from the Camp Fire from November 7th to November 28th or something like that.

I still had plenty of time when I got back in my house on December 5th (It didn’t burn down, but I did live in a cold smoky basement full of roaches for 2 weeks during the fire) to finish the map and upload it, so I finished it up.

There I was, late December, ready to upload it, and during a stream on Twitch I accidentally DELETED THE ENTIRE MAP (because the DELETE button is right below the PLAY button) and got 10/10 mad, because I had no backup and had literally no way to recover it. As a result (of me asking the creators of the plugin to maybe move the delete button and explaining what happened), the creators of the Song Browser plugin actually changed the code of the delete button to delete songs to the Recycle Bin instead so they can be recovered in case my issue is replicated.

So thus began the process of remaking it. I spent over a month working on it on and off, completely discouraged by all the roadblocks and the fact that the whole “When December ends” joke didn’t work anymore, but I was determined to get it finished out of principle. I got discouraged a lot, I got bored a lot, I got angry a lot, especially when one of my controllers broke and I had to buy a new one, and I even set the whole thing aside to make Up and Down by EXID, my previously uploaded track, before coming back to this one.

And then I… Decided to go above and beyond. I added the 3 lower difficulties, Easy and Normal and Hard, and completely revamped Expert as well. I beta tested all four difficulties religiously for the last two weeks and I am proud to say I am finally, FINALLY done with this DAMN MAP.

And then reducing the .ogg quality from 10 to 9 actually made it a bigger file. Fml December never ends.
Okay there we go reduced the size.

PLEASE… Enjoy this map I made for you all! 🙂

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