MAMAMOO – Girl Crush

Difficulties Hard Expert
270 18
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Interesting patterns that personally made me think it's too good to be left uncurated. Aside from a minor vision block / reaction time test on the left side around 1:30 on Hard difficulty (in respect to player's ability to read maps on that level) there was nothing but fun while I moved and slashed to the "right" map intensity as the notes count felt just right throughout the whole song. Another thing to note is the difficulty seems to be on the higher spectrum of the respective Hard & Expert levels, if not slightly crossed over the line with the unusual block placements. This review was done right after I Full Combo-ed both difficulties on first attempt so I didn't get to replaying. If there's anything missing I'll blame it on myself being a little too excited tackling the patterns rather than scrutinizing.

Mapper: tinlun

Go Girl Crush!

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