Destroy the Runner – Dialogue V101 (Read Desc)

Difficulties Expert
4 1

Mapper: venomqt

Hey again, thanks for reaching out to me.
I deleted the last 2 notes that did not count as “hit notes” and messed up every FC.

So now you should be able to hit all 350 notes. Thanks for the quick feedback, working on the next one.

Best Regards VenomQT

“This is my first BeatSaber map.

Planning on releasing the same Song with mapped drums πŸ™‚
Artist: Destroy the Runner
Song: Dialogue
Album: Saints

Im going to update the map in case youre offering me feedback for it.
-Add me on Steam (VenomQT , with a black blue VenomQT Pic as avatar)
– E-mail me to: [email protected]

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