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Kraddy – (Into the) Labyrinth

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
69 6
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Wow this one took a long time.

Especially as I took some time to improve my own performance so I could get my head around how a lot of the default expert + songs worked, I wanted to understand their approach and try to reflect that to some extent in my own expert plus difficulty.

Overall though, I find this one very satisfying to play. Admittedly there’s probably a couple of moments that aren’t going to be sight read too well, but Expert difficulty should make the difference there.

There’s one bomb carpet to get your hands in the air and some wall sections that get you moving, so you shouldn’t worry about any weird tricks.

ExpertPlus – 1,169 Notes (4.56 Notes per second) – Jump speed 11
Expert – 1,084 Notes (4.31 Notes per second) – Jump speed 10
Hard – 696 notes (2.76 Notes per second) – Jump Speed 10 (The high note count is due to the large number of “two hand hits” I believe)
Normal – 585 Notes (2.32 Notes per second) – ump Speed 8 (Same as Hard re note count)

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