Hexagonial Nightcore Pop

Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street (Nightcore Mix)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
301 40
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Mapper: Hexagonial

I decided that RaZn’s shitpost chart of Rockefeller Street was probably the best one out there beyond the shitpost patterns and audio so I wanted to patch it up and got permission so uh I guess it’s a collab

Expert+ – Takes a more advanced approach to dancing, and is actually a tad bit difficult. Built on crossovers and doubles. DOES NOT INCLUDE “THE DANCE”. Anyone who can clear this probably doesn’t want to deal with double directional crap hitbox slashes anyways

Expert – A nerfed version of Expert+, and some of each drop is replaced with “the dance”. Less crossover

Discord: discord.gg/EVU9At2 (For updates regarding my maps, notifications for my streams, and a way to contact me)

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