Lonely God – DAOKO (+ Miku cover)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Kolezan

DAOKO’s Lonely God (Samishii Kamisama) is one of three songs featured in the anime short Girl. This song really stuck with me so I felt compelled to make a map that I hope makes justice to the song.

Audio edits: Intro and outro cut extensively, ending the song with a more satisfying bloop. Also cut down the first instrumental chorus part to half.

Preview video:

BPM: 128
Duration: 3:45
Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Expert+ difficulties.

Easy: 268, 17 obstacles, 0 mines
Normal: 421 notes, 15 obstacles, 0 mines
Hard: 608 notes, 15 obstacles, 0 mines
Expert: 784 notes, 15 obstacles, 0 mines
Expert+: 1009 notes, 19 obstacles, 8 mines

Map includes three different audio versions:
* Original track; the original DAOKO vocal version of the song.
* Hatsune Miku Cover; Made by me, Kolezan. This version you can use to circumvent the YouTube block. Or maybe you just prefer Miku to sing for you.
* Karaoke; an off-vocal version of my Hatsune Miku cover.
To change between these search for “DAOKO_lonely_god.ogg” in your CustomSongs folder and open the folder where that file resides. Change the name of DAOKO_lonely_god.ogg to DAOKO_lonely_god_original.ogg and rename any of the other two versions to DAOKO_lonely_god.ogg. Start the game and enjoy!

Thanks to Redmagi, Malakite, EpicEwok, OmniOmega and SS_Ronacse for playtesting!


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    Can’t download it 🙁

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