Tut Tut Child – Gravity feat. Isabel Higuero

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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Reviewed on Expert Difficulty

This is a well done map. The patterns are satisfying and flows well: it makes you feel like a deadly dancer. You know it's a good map when crossing your arms feels natural rather than like a chore.

All the notes are clearly visible, and there are no awkward angles. Walls are used both to encourage movement and for aesthetics, to good effect. All the blocks are on beat and correspond well to the music. If you are used to Expert level songs, this one will not provide much of a challenge: the difficulty peaks early and does not get harder throughout the rest of the song. This takes away some of the excitement, as if you've already cleared the first quarter of the song, you're almost certainly going to clear the rest without a problem. The sabers mainly follow the beat of the drums, but I would love to see some variation, perhaps syncing to the faster-paced synth track for a portion of the song. Still, that is not to say this is not a good map. I would certainly come back to this for the future.

Mapper: Rustic

Expert / Hard / Normal

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