Lookas – Can’t Get Enough

Difficulties Expert+
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An amazing map!  Wait until you hear what my complaint is...

Seeing a map with Rustic's name on it is pretty much a guarantee that you're about to play a great map.  Expect plenty of the premier Rustic patterns:  hooks and scoops.  This map showcases some of the things Rustic is known for:  his ability to create maps that feel just like the vanilla game, but with some new ideas while also scrapping some of the weird patterns and bomb placements in the OST.  Playing this map feels like you're playing an ascended version of the Beat Saber OST; better patterns, better lighting, better music.  However, this leads to my complaint of the map.

The amazing thing about the Beat Saber OST is that it has all the difficulties; if you've ever let a friend play Beat Saber for the first time, you know that it's really discouraging to see them fail all your Expert+ only maps.  If you've seen Rustic's map history, you know that he frequently creates multiple difficulties for his maps, but this one is an exception.  This is my main complaint with the map; I won't be taking any points off for this but I have another complaint which I will be taking points off for.

You may not realize it at first, but this map actually has 21 note jump speed.  If this map were made with 12 or 14 note jump speed (which is common for Expert+) then the notes would spawn extremely close to the player at the song's 150 BPM.  Using 21 note jump speed gives the player room to breathe, but it also means that you may experience what feels like "phantom misses" because your time window to hit the notes is so short.  This is especially prevalent on the double-red and double-blue stacked notes in the map.  I played around with the map's files and found that using note jump speed 18 gave a similar feeling of speed to 21, but with the benefit of having less phantom misses.  Using 18 note jump speed also still gives the player adequate spacing from notes spawning in.  Values from 12 to 14 could have also been used if the jump speed offset were added to the info.json file of the map ("_noteJumpStartBeatOffset":1).  It's really discouraging to miss notes and feel as if you actually hit them.  For this, I have to take off two points from "fun factor".

There's also a few small issues with the consistency of the rhythm.  If you look within the editor of the song, you will see some weird transitions (ex: beats 122-123) and sometimes what feels like a note is missing (ex: beats 219-220).  These small inconsistencies are compounded by the extremely high note jump speed.  For this, I will remove one point from rhythm.

Rustic is the guy I look for when I need party maps.  However, it's slightly disappointing to see that we only have Expert+ here.  Rustic shows his talents for well-made and easily readable patterns, but the extremely high note jump speed will lead to many phantom misses for most players.

Mapper: Rustic

Expert +

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