Reality Check Through The Skull

Difficulties Expert+
4629 502
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Mapper: JonathanRune

A remap of the good old classic Reality Check.
Have fun, and enjoy!

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Comments (3)
  1. Lilhunter789 says:

    I, personally think it is awesome, has a great rythm to it and was fun to play.

  2. supermariowert says:

    Still stuck, that final stream before bonescuffle is hard, practicing it slowly.
    I think that the stream before the break at 1:45 is unfair, it’s offbeat and way faster than the song.

  3. supermariowert says:

    Can’t beat it yet, stuck at around 1:40 because I lack rhythm, but I prefer the opening over the original, it’s a bit more readable.

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