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Happier Sunflower – Marshmello, Post Malone, Swae Lee, Bastille [Mashup by Dj Pyromania]

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This feels very right to me

Ruckus is one of my favorite Beat Saber mappers.  He has a great understanding of flow, and within the top 10% of mappers that is a very common trait to have.  However, Ruckus has a trait that not even the top 1% has, and that's creativity.  Ruckus doesn't throw away any tools afforded to him, every note type and pattern is mastered at his disposal.  He knows when to break the rules, and when to follow them.  So what does this all amount to?

At the start of the map, Ruckus starts one hand with a down and the other with an up.  Even at the very beginning, Ruckus has broken what many mappers consider a rule, "Start everything with a down note".  But with this map, Ruckus shows that this isn't a scary concept.  Throughout the entire song, rhythm is on point and makes you really feel the energy into the buildup.  When the chorus finally hits, the odd doubles and the music combine together to put a smile on your face.  Every thing is choreographed to perfection; little details like "I want you to be happier" always being mapped with the patterns ending with your hands raised into the air is that extra detail that pushes it over the edge.

Ruckus possess a quality that many mappers do not have.  Every time he maps something, I'm glad he's the one who brought that song to life in Beat Saber.  Many other mappers would have used the same tired "down-up" patterns, and some would have even used 20 NJS as well.  If there's an objectively perfect way to translate a song into Beat Saber, I think Ruckus will come closer than almost any other mapper.

While a lot of recent maps have focused on pushing the boundaries of BPM, note jump speed, and notes per's nice to just have a little fun and enjoy the music sometimes.

Final Rating:  a perfect 5/5

Mapper: Ruckus


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