Dance Pop Rock

Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
2198 197
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Mapper: baxter395

This is a collab between baxter395 (mapping) and Trolav (mapping, lights). There are some funky patterns in here and if you like E+, you might want to try Expert as well because we couldn’t fit all the moves into E+ that we wanted. (That weird pattern with the groove wall/bomb combo? Those are shoulder dips.) Also be sure to turn on Chromalite/RGB Lighting to enjoy Trolav’s amazing lightshow!

Thanks as always to RedMagi for multiple playtests and helpful feedback, and Trolav gave us our previews below:



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  1. Cross says:

    there’s a weird static/distortion noise during the chorus. i dont know if in game it’s like that but just letting you know if no one told you yet.

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