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Efisio Cross – Hell Shall Perish

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
20 3
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Mapper: xcaliberrage

This was a fun challenge to make.

It’s not too hard to play but I think tricky to get 110 on the notes at times, I find it to be quite a decent work out. You shouldn’t need to move around a crazy amount though, no bombs and very few walls, I just recommend looking up alternate grips that help with wrist strain!

Expert – 934 Notes (3.67 per second)
Hard – 701 Notes (2.75 per second)
Normal – 521 notes (2.04 per second)

Hope you enjoy!


Update 06/02/19: Woops! That’ll teach me not to review the song in slow motion. Fixed an errant block I found in Expert and hard. Also slowed down the note skip for both hard and normal to 10.

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