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Megurumono (TV Size) – Takuma Terashima

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Mapper: shadowlord723

Difficulties Offered:

Genre: Anime, Vocal (Japanese)
Song: Megurumono (TV Size)
Composer: Takuma Terashima
Length: 1:33
BPM: 175 (Maybe 173 or 174)
-Expert = 13
-Expert+ = 14

Anime: Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken
-Translation: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

WARNING: Record at your own risk, as your video may be taken down with a Copyright Strike!

Video Playthrough (NOT WORKING):

Credits to [X-Saber]
YouTube Channel:

Copyright Disclaimer:
I do not own any rights to the anime nor the music. The anime is created by [Eight Bit Inc.] and licensed by [Crunchyroll] and [Funimation]. The music is composed by [Takuma Terashima]. I only created the map for this wonderful song. Is this how you do copyright disclaimers? Oh who am I kidding, this is Beat Saver, I doubt they are going to storm in and close down the site because of copyright and whatnot…

Here it is, my VERY FIRST map of an anime opening! If you are a fan of isekai anime, then this is one anime I recommend. Now here’s one thing to cross off my Beat Saber bucket list.

In all honesty, this took WAY LONGER to map than it should’ve taken!!! I swear I got the correct BPM, but the tempo kept changing slightly every few measures by like 1/8 or 1/16 of a measure!!! You got great music, Takuma Terashima. But no offense, work on that tempo a bit (or maybe I’m just dumb…yeah probably cuz I’m dumb).

Lastly, “Megurumono” full version of the song itself will be officially released on February 27!! Depending on how well this map is received, I might go torture myself and map the full version too!!! OwO


Mapper’s Comment 2/6/19:
I come back 24 hours later and I see this map has 535 downloads with 9 upvotes and 0 downvotes…wow…just wow…
You guys must really want me to suffer and make a full version huh? Anyway, thank you guys so much!!! (/^o^)/


*Special thanks to the following people who were involved with playtesting this map and providing feedback (especially with timing)!!! I appreciate it very much!!! Go say hi to them and check out their channels (if they have one)!!!*
Version 2/5/19
-LittleAsi (Discord User)
-Redmagi (Discord User and Twitch


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