REQUIRES MAPPING EXTENSIONS – Otono Kuni (6 lane) – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Difficulties Expert+
67 5
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Mapper: aggrogahu

YOU MUST HAVE MAPPING EXTENSIONS TO PLAY THIS MAP. This map was made before we needed to manually list mod requirements in the map.

You need the latest SongLoader and MappingExtensions plugins in order to play this song, otherwise the map will SOFT LOCK YOUR GAME. Latest SongLoader is in the mod manager, and MappingExtensions is in the #finished-mods channel of the BSMG discord.

Any typical experienced player should be able to play this right away, but if you want tips before attempting this 6-lane map:
– The majority of this map can be played without moving your feet away from the center starting position. You are never required to sidestep as if you were dodging a 3-wide wall. With that said, moderate lateral movement to reposition yourself will make certain patterns easier to hit.
– Your sabers are longer than you think, and note hitboxes are larger than they appear as well. Use this to your advantage by “tipping” notes that are on the outer lanes, that is, use the tip of your saber to hit notes on the edge limit of the note hitbox.
– I’m average/shorter height at 5’6″, but my apologies to anyone with a shorter arm span that may have trouble, with the crossover staggers in particular. Keep in mind that this is a mapping extension, and the normal 4-lane map of this song with Expert+/Expert/Hard can be found here Nonetheless, keep the above tips in mind and give it your best shot.
– Even though the staggers are 1/8 a beat apart, they’re still relatively slow, if you find you’re constantly missing the last note or two of the stagger, try slowing down.
– There is one alternative way you can try the crossover staggers (don’t actually try it this way)

Shoutouts to Kyle1413 for the mods, Auros for his HellMapper, and XypherOrion and RedMagi for playtests.


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